The Effect of Submergence Percentage of the Submerged Piles on the Reduction of Scour in Bridge Abutments


1 MS Student in Water Engineering Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Hormozgan, Iran

2 Faculty Member at Institute of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management

3 Faculty Member at Hormozgan University


Scour around hydraulic structures is an inevitable phenomenon . Recognition of this phenomenon and dealing with it is an issue considering which will ensure the project success . Local scour at piers has been reported as the most important factor in the destruction of the bridges . The use of submerged and non-submerged piles is one of the scour control methods . Submerged piles have been rarely used to assess scour . In the present study, the results of some tests with different flow rates and submergence percentages are given in the bridge abutment . The tests have been conducted at clear water conditions in a flume with length of 14m , width of 60cm and depth of 60cm . The results show that the increase in the submergence percentage of piles has a significant role in reducing pier scour.


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