Guidelines for Uploading Files

Please ensure that your manuscript file is in one of the following formats; Word, WordPerfect or LaTex.
If the journal requires a Cover Letter, please upload this as a single word processing file.
Avoid using special characters or multiple periods in a row (for example, “figure1...jpg” or “πR2.doc”) when naming your files, as this can interfere with your ability to upload files.
Please ensure that your file names include extensions (for example, .doc or .jpg).
On the Attach Files screen there is a drop down menu listing the submission items accepted by the journal. All mandatory submission items will be indicated by an asterisk (*) symbol. You must upload a separate file for each mandatory item indicated.

Submit a Cover letter?

You may be required to submit a cover letter with your submission. A cover letter is a simple, brief business letter, designed to introduce your manuscript to a prospective Editor. Individual journals may have specific requirements regarding the cover letter's contents - please consult the journal's Guide for Authors before writing your cover letter.

Suggest Reviewers?

For some journals, you will be required to suggest potential reviewers for your manuscript. The 'Suggest Reviewers' screen will inform you as to the number of suggested reviewers required for submission.