Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of Different Cross-Sectional Shapes of Slender RC Columns Confined with CFRP Wraps

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University of Kurdistan


In the present study, nonlinear finite element analysis is carried out on the slender reinforced concrete columns wrapped using CFRP composite with different cross-sectional shapes having the same area. Thickness of the CFRP wraps, concrete compressive strength, corner radius, loading condition, slenderness ratio and column size are the main parameters of this study. According to this, four different eccentricity-to-section-height ratios, four different levels of the CFRP thickness in the strengthened specimens, the slenderness ratios of the length to the section-height (l/h) from 6 to 12, three various types of column size, concrete compressive strength values from 20 to 50 MPa and corner radiuses from 10 to 40 mm are considered. This paper presents a comparison of a numerical simulation using ABAQUS software, with the results of experimental tests by previous researchers to validate finite element models. It is shown that the predicted results by this numerical study are in reasonable agreement with the results of experimental studies. The results of this investigation also represented a considerable enhancement on the performance of strengthened columns with CFRP compared to unstrengthened columns.


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