Effect of Steel Confinement on Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frame

Document Type: Regular Paper


Department of Civil Engineering, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University


The strength and ductility of concrete improve under multi-axial compressive stress due to confinement effect. Some parameters are effective for considering the confinement in concrete and various stress-strain models were developed by different researchers. Longitudinal and transverse reinforcement steels can influence on confinement in reinforced concrete members. In this paper, various stress strain models with considering the steel confinement effect are reviewed briefly and applied on an experimental reinforced concrete frame. Envelope curves, cracking and yielding patterns, ductility and energy absorption of the frames are discussed. Results from the finite element analysis compared with experimental findings show that in the case of lateral load and displacement, the analytical models which were presented by Fafitis et al. and Muguruma et al. had more compatibility with experimental results and the difference is less than 10%. Energy absorption of the model of Khaje Samani & Attard had the most compatibility with experimental results and difference is about 1%.


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