Performance Based Seismic Rehabilitation of Steel Structures with Different Types of Shear Walls

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1 Kerman graduate university of advanced technology

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Seismic rehabilitation provides existing buildings with more resistance to seismic activity, ground motion, or geotechnical failure due to earthquakes. Performance-based rehabilitation is a general concept through which the retrofitting criteria are defined regarding to performance objectives when the structural and nonstructural members are subject to different levels of earthquake hazards. In this study several moment resistant steel frames with different numbers of stories were initially designed as vulnerable models. The models were retrofitted based on the current seismic rehabilitation standards and codes criteria. Three models of shear walls were used to retrofitting the vulnerable structures. In the first model, the wall surrounds column perimeter as boundary elements. In the second model, wall is connected to the column and in the 3rd model, wall is placed with a small gap from the column, and there is no contact between them. The nonlinear behavior of buildings is evaluated using adaptive modal pushover and incremental dynamic analysis before and after rehabilitation.


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