Stabilization of Earth Slope by Waste Tire using Experimental Tests and PIV

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1 Dep. Civil Eng./Razi University

2 Dep. of Civil Eng./Razi University

3 Razi University/Dep. of Civil Eng.



The issue of environmental protection has led researchers to pay serious attention to waste tires. Civil engineers have found that waste tires can increase bearing capacity, earth slope stability, and other useful applications in civil engineering. In this paper, a series of experimental modeling have been performed to investigate the effect of waste tires on increasing the stability of sand slopes. The position and height of the waste tire are investigated to find the most suitable location to use the waste tire. Digital images were taken during the loading on the slope. Particle image velocity (PIV) is used to measure the deformation of the slope during loading. The results show that the reinforced waste tires reduce displacement by 78% and increase the bearing capacity up to 260%. The optimal position of tire pile with reinforcement heights of B, 2B, 3B inside the slope is upslope in terms of bearing capacity and displacements.


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