Considering the Yielding Displacement Uncertainty in Reliability of Mid-Rise R.C. Structures

Document Type : Regular Paper


1 Maroon Dam Power Plant and Irrigation Network Operation Company, Behbahan, Iran

2 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran

3 Department of Engineering, Behbahan Khatam Alanbia University of Technology, Behbahan, Iran



In structural analysis and design, there are always uncertainties in determining loads and capacities. Structural reliability quantitatively considered uncertainties in analysis and design procedure. One of the well-known criteria to assess structural reliability is the Total Reliability Index (TRI) of structures. Yielding Displacement (YD) is an important component for calculations of TRI. Due to the changes in the analysis method, input type, normalization procedure, and the definition of target displacement, there are uncertainties in YD calculation. In structural reliability studies, both loads and resistance parameters are modeled as random variables. Therefore, the YD can be considered as a random variable. This study utilizes incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) to calculate TRI in mid-rise reinforced concrete moment resistant frames with intermediate ductility. The effect of uncertainty caused by YD is calculated based on pushover dynamic analysis. The reliability indices for the six structures of 3, 5, and 8 stories and three and five-span reinforced concrete moment frames show that the uncertainty caused by the YD reduces the TRI, but does not affect the seismic performance of the structure, significantly.


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