Improving the Punching Shear Strength of RC Slabs by FRP and Steel Sheets

Document Type : Regular Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

2 M.Sc., Structural Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran


This paper deals with the modeling of punching shear failure in reinforced concrete slabs using nonlinear finite element analysis. The 3D finite element analyses (FEA) were performed with the appropriate modeling of element size and mesh, and the constitutive modeling of concrete. The FE numerical models are validated by comparing with the experimental results obtained from tested specimens and previous research. One slab served as a control without any modification while three slabs were strengthened. The ultimate behavior of FRP strengthened RC flat slabs under a centrally applied load. Each method of repair or strengthening is reviewed with emphasis on its performance with respect to the application details. The punching shear capacity, stiffness, ductility were investigated. In addition, the analytical results were compared with the predictions using the provision of ACI 318-08. The results showed that for control slab and strengthened specimens an increase varied from 4% to 105% in punching shear capacity is determined.


Main Subjects

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