Author = Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez
Effect of Initial Cable Tension on Cable-Stayed Bridge Performance and a New Construction Method

Volume 12, Issue 4, November 2024, Pages 136-154


Hamid Reza Dehghani; Ehsan Dehghani; Mehdi Sharifi; Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez

Reliability-Based Optimum Design of Dome Truss Structures through Enhanced Vibration Particle System

Volume 11, Issue 3, August 2023, Pages 47-67


Pedram Hosseini; Nasibeh Hatami; Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez

Optimal Seismic Design of 2D Steel Moment Frames with Set-back in Height Based on Structural Performance

Volume 10, Issue 2, May 2022, Pages 35-55


Arezoo Asaad Samani; Mohammad Ali Fathali; Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez

Effect of the Frequency Content of Earthquake Excitation on Damage Detection in Steel Frames

Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2019, Pages 124-140


Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez; Seyedeh Somayeh Tabaei Aghdaei

Damage Detection in Post-Tensioned Slab Using 2D Wavelet Transforms

Volume 5, Issue 2, August 2017, Pages 22-35


Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez; Ehsan Dehghani; Vahid Babaei

The Effect of RC Core on Rehabilitation of Tubular Structures

Volume 2, Issue 2, August 2014, Pages 63-74


Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez; Hosein Naderpour; Ali Kheyroddin